Friday, March 30, 2018

Easter Parade of Vintage Lorain Journal Ads

Easter’s only a few days away, so it’s a good time to post these ads. Most of them appeared in the Lorain Journal in early April 1963.

Many people go out to eat on Easter, and the same was true back in 1963. Howard Johnson’s offered a nice holiday menu in their ad of April 10, 1963, with a choice of sugar cured ham or roast turkey. There was a nice lineup of desserts too, ice cream, fudge cake, apple pie, coconut layer cake and gelatin. Hot Indian Pudding (to go with the turkey I guess) was also an option.
The Easter theme permeated most of the sales ads in the Journal around the holiday. Fisher Foods included a nice illustration of a cashier rabbit in their ad of April 8, 1963. (At least he’s ringing up a ham and not one of his own kind, since rabbit isn’t an Easter dish.)

People used to dress up for Easter, so it’s only natural that Pic-Way Self-Serve Shoes would have an ad with an Easter theme. The ad below with the long hare ran in the Journal on April 4, 1963.
And of course, what would Easter in Lorain be without Faroh’s Candy? This ad (below) for the iconic Lorain candy maker ran in the paper on April 2, 1963.
In my mind’s eye, I can still see the showroom in the former store on Henderson Drive, with tables stocked high with Easter candy and other goodies. It was an incredible selection.
Here’s one last Faroh’s Candy ad to put you in the Easter spirit. It was almost a full page when it ran in the Lorain Journal on April 2, 1968 – 50 years ago.

That’s a good-looking Easter Bunny illustration. He’s designed just realistic enough to make the idea of a large rabbit going around and delivering candy seem almost plausible.

Happy Easter!

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