Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Grand Opening of Faroh’s Candy Center – Dec. 5, 1952

Back on December 5, 1952 – 65 years ago today – Faroh’s Candies was celebrating the Grand Opening of its new facility on Henderson Drive in Lorain.

The full-page ad above ran on that day in the Lorain Journal.

I’ve featured Faroh’s ads on this blog many times: Valentine’s Day ads; a 1962 Easter ad; a 1963 Christmas ad; a 1964 Father’s Day ad; a 1970s Easter ad.

Faroh’s enjoyed many decades at the Henderson Drive location, along with several satellite stores.

The Henderson Drive facility eventually closed (after the Henderson Bridge was closed for months while it was being repaired). The distinctive building has housed various companies since then, including a nightclub and, currently, an auto dealership. Here’s a view of the building this past weekend.

Back in late 2009, Faroh’s returned to Downtown Lorain with a new store at 657 Broadway.

Today, Faroh’s retail store has a new home at 300 Broadway in the City Center Building where the old driver’s license bureau was located. As the company explained to me in an email, "Spectrum Consulting Services and Spectrum Resource Center & School are opening a new manufacturing plant to produce the Faroh's Candy line which will be located on 5th Street in Lorain.

"Tom Faroh is Spectrum's consultant to ensure that the integrity of the chocolate making stays true to the original recipes. With the new collaboration between Faroh and Spectrum, it is expected that the Faroh's brand will not only remain available, it will be relaunched for nationwide sales.”


Tim Burton said...

Man! As I remember growing-up in Lorain, they always had the best 'white' chocolate! Great post, Dan.

Dan Brady said...

Hi Tim! White chocolate is my favorite too! Here's hoping Faroh's enjoys success with this new venture!

june morse said...

Can't wait for Valentines and Easter candy shopping."Yummy" Faroh's here I come. Faroh's is the best of all chocolate.

mtkhfsb said...

We couldn't wait to open our box of Faroh's Finest at Christmas every year. My dad's brother Tony sold Faroh's at his store, Kathy's Kandy Kitchen, and always sent us the best chocolates I've ever had.