Friday, April 6, 2012

Faroh's Ads – Easter 1962

Here's a pair of ads that appeared in the Journal in mid-April 1962, promoting Lorain's iconic candy store – Faroh's. (Click on each of them for a larger version.)

What can you say about Faroh's Candy that hasn't been said before? Like the Lakeview Park Easter Basket, it was an essential part of Easter for so many of us while growing up.

I haven't been to the new store on Broadway yet this year. I drove by there Wednesday night, and it seemed pretty busy – which is good.

I still think they should use the classic Faroh's graphics and logo as part of their packaging, though. To me, the candy loses the nostalgic appeal if it doesn't look the same as it always did.

Strangely enough, neither of these 1962 ads include the logo with the well-known candy cane "F."

This ad (below) includes a few cameos by none other than Bugs Bunny!


JIM said...

Is Faroh's still in business? I remember going there with mom before Easter every year. One year I got a solid chocolate Volkswagen.

Dan Brady said...

Hi Jim,

A few years ago they opened a seasonal store on Broadway, then it went year-round as long as it was successful. It's still open, so I guess it's going well!
I'm not sure about the Middleburg Heights store.

jack said...

They also had great Ice Cream

-Alan D Hopewell said...

Christmas, 1968, Faroh's had a chess set in the window; the board was made of dark and white chocolate squares, and the chessmen were either milk or white chocolate. I don't remember how much it cost.

My favorite thing from there were the milkshakes.