Friday, April 27, 2012

Skyline Park

I may have grown up on East Skyline Drive in Lorain, but I never knew there was a development called Skyline Park on the west side of Leavitt Road. Here's an ad for it from the Lorain Journal of September 7, 1963. (Click on it so you can read it.)

The 'Lorain Incorporated' logo in the ad is kind of cool – a nice little bit of graphic design.

Anyway, the ad makes Skyline Park seem like a pretty swanky area. It notes that it is "located in Lorain's newest and most desirable location, with beautiful Skyline Drive bordering on the north." It lists many development attributes that were probably new ideas back then, but are generally accepted as the norm now.

Here's another Journal ad from May 1964 featuring just one model. I suspect the ad has a typo, since Maine is on the east side of Lorain! (It's supposed to be Miami.)

Like I've mentioned before in past posts, I'm pretty sure the homeowners on Skyline Drive resented the rabble living on the east side of Leavitt (such as us) appropriating the name of their street.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed growing up on East Skyline Drive, even though the occasional plane might drop out of the sky near our house.


jack said...

what was that ild house on skyline and leavitt all about looked like alot of clutter

-Alan D Hopewell said...

I never heard of it, either.