Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sunday Mirror Comics Page – December 28, 1952

I mentioned several times on this blog how Li’l Abner was my favorite comic strip when I was a kid.

Natcherly, then, I was excited when this Sunday, December 28, 1952 Sunday Mirror comics section – from 64 years ago today – turned up in the basement of our home in the late 1960s.

(I have no idea what the comic section of a New York paper was doing in our cellar. It’s the same one that included this Our Boarding House strip that I posted back here.)

Anyway, this strip provided cartoonist AL Capp another opportunity to parody another comic strip and present it as one that one of his characters is reading.

Normally, Li’l Abner’s favorite comic “Fearless Fosdick,” is the strip-within-a-strip. But this comic does something different. It features one that Daisy Mae is reading: "Sweet Fanny Gooney," a takeoff of Little Orphan Annie, with some Little Annie Rooney thrown in.

In view of today’s headlines, this episodes is somewhat topical, with Russians as the villains. Here, a Communist impostor switches places with Annie’s rich “Uncle Sawbuck” (a take-off on "Daddy Warbucks") and threatens to disrupt our Capitalist system.

I thought it was amusing that the caretaker of the Ritz-Carlton Orphan Asylum for Millionaire Orphans cruelly denies poor, rich Sweet Fanny Gooney a peanut-butter sandwich, stating “Only (Ha! Ha!) poor people, like me, can have (Yum! Yum!) peanut butter sandwiches!!”

I may have to renew my subscription to one of the online newspaper archives services to find out how this adventure ended!

A few panels from the next installment

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