Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year’s Eve at Gartner’s Lounge Bar – 1953

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If you were looking for a place outside of Lorain (but not too far away) to celebrate New Year’s Eve 1953, a good choice would have been Gartner’s Lounge Bar. It was located out on U. S. Route 20, right across from Bendix near the Elyria/North Ridgeville border.

The above ad ran in the Lorain Journal a few days before New Year’s Eve, 1953. I guess puny party hats were in vogue back then.
Anyway, I did a pretty extensive history of Gartner’s here
It started out as an inn in the 1930s before evolving into a supper club in the late 1950s. Later in the 1970s, it became one of the two Tiffany’s Steakhouse locations. 
The building is still out there on Route 20, now the home of Crissy’s Lounge, where I don’t think anyone is going to be dancing to the music of the Continentals anytime soon. In fact, it’s the employees who do the dancing now.

(I decided against doing any field research for this post, as this is a family-friendly blog.)

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