Friday, December 2, 2016

More Old Log Cabin Whiskey Ad Fun

While I try to decide if I should post some additional Whiskeyville history, I'll keep the theme going with a second shot of vintage whiskey ads from the pages of the Lorain Journal.

It wasn’t too difficult to rustle up more of these rustic-themed ads. By George, back in the late 1940s and early 50s, a boozy parade of ads for hard liquor and beer staggered across the pages of the Journal almost every day, usually in the sports section.

You might remember I posted this October 24, 1949 ad for Old Log Cabin back in late October.

This ad – featuring a hunter (hopefully not a squirrel hunter) appeared just two weeks later on November 7, 1949.
The campaign with the theme “There’s Bourbon Enjoyment Inside” was still running two years later. These ads featured photos of a variety of real people, young and old. The ad below ran in the Journal on August 8, 1951.
Five years later, the ads were a little more “hard sell.” The ad below ran on November 9, 1956 and boasted that Old Log Cabin was Ohio’s largest-selling straight bourbon.
Unfortunately, ten years later – gone were the illustrations of squirrels, checker-shirted hunters and the iconic log cabin. The “Mad Men” era of advertising was well underway, and a smoother approach was called for. Thus the ad below ran in the Journal on November 4, 1966.
Note that the bottler was now Old Log Cabin Company of Cincinnati. Apparently the new owner felt that there was still life in the brand, which had been around since the 1800s.
I’m not sure when the original Old Log Cabin brand was “boarded up” and closed. But it’s nice that the iconic brand was revived by Batch 206 Distillery of Seattle in 2015.
Courtesy Batch 206

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