Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sun Flash Gasoline Ad – March 6, 1955

It must be Lesser Known Gasoline Brands Week here on the blog! Here's another gasoline brand that I wasn't familiar with: Sun Flash.

According to some online references, Sun Flash gasoline was a private brand owned by Humble that was based out of Columbus, Ohio. The ad above – sponsored by the Sun Flash station located at Broadway and 13th Street – ran in the Lorain Journal on March 6, 1955.

The ad is interesting as it reveals that Sun Flash had its own stamp redemption program. And one of the items that you could "buy" with your stamps was a large, creepy doll! (Shades of Ol' Lanky Long?)

However, I had trouble coming up with photos of the "giant 30 inch doll." Just what would you call that guy? A clown? A jester?

Anyway, I think this might be him (below) – and he's currently on Ebay. He's described as a "vintage large jester clown sprite pixie gnome doll" – and I guess that covers just about everything.

He seems to be somewhat of a match, although much of the paint is worn off his face. He's 33 inches long and has the strangely shaped legs just like the drawing, as well as those weird ribbons tied around his ankles.

And like Ol' Lanky, he looks slightly diabolical.

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dbhewitt63 said...

That "thing" gives me the creeps!