Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Route 58 Farm House

It's always an interesting drive going south on Route 58 heading out of Amherst. There's so many great old farmhouses – some that are still part of active, productive Lorain County farms, and others that look like time forgot them.

The one above is one of the latter, I'm afraid. But it's still appealing and photogenic.

The Lorain County Auditor website lists the house – located on the west side of Route 58 just south of Russia Road – as being built in 1876. The Auditor report says that it has 10 total rooms (excluding bathrooms) with four of them being bedrooms. It's part of a huge tract of land that mainly fronts on Russia Road.
Aerial View Courtesy of Bing Maps
The house may be even older than that.

I looked at the 1874 map of Russia Township. If I've properly identified the roads, a small black box on the Caroline Schenck property appears to correspond with the modern-day location of the ramshackle farmhouse.

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