Monday, March 16, 2015

First Lutheran Rubble Shots

It seems like I'm always posting "steaming rubble shots" on this blog. Usually it's because of Lorain's belief in bulldozing the city back to prosperity, but in this case it's due to tragedy.

So, here are my shots from Sunday afternoon of the demolition of First Lutheran Evangelical Church, which finally took place on Tuesday last week. (You can read about it here on the Chronicle-Telegram website.)

The demolition went pretty quickly, that's for sure.

It's interesting that one small piece of wall remains standing on the Sixth Street side (below).

Here's the view from the other direction (below). Sixth Street is on the left.
It's certainly strange to be able to see Lakeview Plaza from this vantage point.
Here's the view from Sixth Court (below).
And a few more shots. 

I actually made two trips to the First Lutheran site on Sunday with my camera. My shots from earlier in the day suffered from a blah white sky – and thus look much more depressing. 
As a bonus from this photo shoot, here's a shot of Admiral King Elementary School across Washington Avenue to the west, showing the removal of part of the wall and the roof of the gymnasium so that a drilling rig could be brought in when the old gas well was capped. (The school finally reopened in late December.)

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""...Lorain's belief in bulldozing the city back to prosperity..."


-J. Cheever Loophole, Jr.