Monday, February 9, 2015

Sheffield Lake Ambulance - February 1958

Here's a little glimpse of Sheffield Lake's past, which is appropriate in this Sheffield Bicentennial year.

The photo shows the Sheffield Lake Fireman's Emergency Squad ambulance in front of the fire station on East Lake Road. The caption reads, "Sheffield Lake Fireman's Emergency Squad ambulance was transformed from a blue and white carrier into one of red and cream recently. Michael Golobich, driver and fireman, prepares to back the ambulance into its stall at the Sheffield Lake Fire Station, Lake Rd. Boasting a new two way radio tied in with the police and fire truck, the emergency vehicle answered all fire calls alongside the fire truck and carries such equipment as a respirator and two stretchers and wrecking equipment for auto accidents. A driver and two assistants comprise the crew. Last year the squad answered 49 calls and so far this year, 10."

The photo appeared in the Chronicle-Telegram on February 22, 1958.

The former station this past weekend
The photo actually captured what was soon to be the end of an era. Online Sheffield Lake Council Records include a 1958 ordinance authorizing the issuance of $110,000 of Fire Station bonds "for the purpose of acquiring real estate for a Fire Station site, constructing a new fireproof Fire Station and purchasing a new Fire Truck, Fire apparatus and equipment." By 1959, the fire department was in its new home at 609 Harris Road.

Here's the link to the Sheffield Lake Fire Department's page on the Sheffield Lake website.

Speaking of the Sheffield Bicentennial, be sure to visit the official website (here) and learn all about how a single township evolved into three separate communities: Sheffield Township, Sheffield Lake and Sheffield Village.

The website also lists all of the events planned for the celebration, and there's even an online store where you can purchase Sheffield Bicentennial merchandise.

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