Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Raptis Sheffield Inn Ad – April 21, 1960

Following up on my post on Sheffield Lake businesses on E. Lake Road from 1942, here's an ad for one that came a little later. It's for Raptis Sheffield Inn and appeared in the Avon Lake Press on April 21, 1960.

Raptis Sheffield Inn was located at 5348 E. Lake Road – the location which in recent years was the home of Gus' Steak & Ale. (I'm not sure what the current status is of the business at that location since the internet cafe closed.)

As I noted back here, the 1942 directory listing for 5348 E. Lake Road was for a restaurant operated by Carl G. Maurer. By the time of the 1947 book, the restaurant's listing had changed, and was now listed as being run by Edward Morley.

The restaurant apparently changed hands again by the time the 1950 directory was published. Howard W. Rhodes was now the man in charge, and would remain so for the next several years.

Beginning with the 1955-56 directory, the formerly unnamed restaurant finally had a name – Raptis Sheffield Inn – with Steve and Regina Raptis listed as the owners. They continued to operate the restaurant and catering business into the 1960s.

Steve Raptis passed away in 1963. The family kept the business going until it became the well-remembered Bill and Don's Sheffield Inn beginning in the 1965 directory. ("Don" was Donald W. Dunham, who was an owner for 30 years.)

1989-90 Lorain Phone Book Ad
I can't remember exactly when the building burned down in the 1990s. Does anybody recall when it happened?

Anyway, Sheffield Lake – small as it is – has been lucky through the years to have so many family businesses providing food and drink along Lake Road.

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