Friday, February 13, 2015

Former White Castle on Griswold Road

While researching the Tradewinds restaurant/supper club, I've been driving up and down Griswold a lot lately – so it was a good opportunity to snap a shot of the former White Castle. It's doing business as a Hertz Car Rental Location right now.

Hertz did a pretty good job of cloaking the building's humble fast food beginnings. I wonder if there's still a faint whiff of onions in the air there?

Anyway, the restaurant famous for its Sliders first showed up in the Elyria city directory with a 41070 Griswold Road address around '87 or 88. (It was in the 1988 book, but the library had no '87 edition – so I'm not exactly sure when it opened).

White Castle continued to be listed in the Elyria directory (although with a new 615 Griswold Road address) until it slid off the map beginning with the 1997 edition.

It's hard to believe this restaurant closed 17 years ago!

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