Friday, February 20, 2015

Calling All Old Dutch Beer Fans in the Findlay Area!

Surprisingly, some of the continually most-visited posts on this blog are the ones I wrote about Old Dutch Beer, the beer my parents loyally drank for years. It's the beer I grew up with – so I always thought it was pretty good. And why not? After all, it's slogan was: the Good Beer.

(Back in 2012, I wrote about my fond Memories of Old Dutch Beer here, and about some of my Old Dutch Collectibles here.)

Anyway, a few days ago a gentleman left a comment on one of those posts with an unusual request. So here's my attempt to help.

He wrote, "There used to be a barn on Tiffin Avenue (in Findlay) that burned down in the late 70's in the field where AAA is now. It had the Old Dutch logo painted on it. I would like to find a pic of the logo. Any ideas where to find one?"

Here's a Bing Maps street view of the area he is talking about (below). The barn that burned down was to the right of the AAA building.

This past weekend, I contacted the Hancock Historical Museum in Findlay via email to see if I can smoke out (no pun intended) a photo for this gentleman. Unfortunately they did not have a photo on file.

I know the feeling well of trying to find a photo of something that you know is probably out there somewhere in someone's photo album. Perhaps this post can act as a black box "beacon" to attract an Old Dutch Beer fan who can help. 

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