Wednesday, January 7, 2015

White Castle Memories Part 2

I already mentioned that I was pretty happy when White Castle opened stores in Northeast Ohio. And when my company moved from Downtown Cleveland to the near West Side in the late 1980s, it was even more convenient to stop at the White Castle on W. 117th Street for lunch.
Maybe it's because I've always been somewhat of a pack-rat that I began to save little items related to my White Castle visits. One thing that I've had for years is this special anti-drug insert that I found in my bag along with my hamburgers in 1989 (below).

I also saved this special 1992 commemorative calendar (below).

During the 1990s, I used to hit the road a lot with my camera and drive all over Ohio snapping photos of all kinds of Roadside America, including old diners, drive-ins, etc. On one trip in 1997, I paid a visit to the old White Castle near Downtown and snapped a shot of its distinctive sign (below).

On another trip in 1999, I decided to make the ultimate White Castle pilgrimage and headed over to the company headquarters for a shot (below).

Of course, my small collection of used White Castle cartons and wrappers continued to grow (below).

Note the grease-stained french fry wrapper – the oldest item in my collection, dating back to the 1980s!

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