Friday, January 23, 2015

The Sveden House Waitress Moved, By Yiminy

By the way, while researching Sveden House for thes last two posts, I made an amusing discovery. There are actually two versions of the vintage postcard with the blond waitress.
In the version below (courtesy of the card website), she stands next to the buffet line at the far left.

Yet in this more commonly found version of the postcard (below), she's been repositioned to the right. And with no Photoshop back then, the camera man or commercial artist had to outline her by cutting an overlay and knocking her out of another photo showing just the food – just the way we'd have done it at work in 1985.)

Why did they create a second version? My guess is that whatever that is behind her in the top postcard was no longer being offered as a buffet item. At first glance, I thought it was a pile of raw cuts of beef – but a closer look reveals that it's probably watermelon slices. 
Neither one would appeal to me in a buffet line anyway. 

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Anonymous said...

Yep - probably watermelon. Not too many Raw meet eaters out there. :)