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Whiskeyville Revisited – Part 3

The Whiskeyville Cemetery is circled in the 1896 map above
To wrap up my series on Whiskeyville, here’s an interesting article that appeared in the April 7, 1959 Lorain Journal. It’s the story of an old pioneer cemetery that was located just north of the intersection of today’s Routes 113 and 58 that had to be moved.


At Whiskeyville Cemetery
Graves Being Moved for Rt. 58 Widening

AMHERST – Remains of seven persons were found in the first day’s work of removing the graves of deceased Lorain County settlers at the Whiskeyville Cemetery on Rt. 58, just north of Rt. 113, to make way for the highway widening.

It was in the early part of the 1800’s that some of the bodies were buried in this plot, then known as the Crandal cemetery, and owned by Lyman Crandal. Wayne Garland of the Garland Funeral Home is working on the relocation project. Thomas Heusser and O. J. Ruth, South Amherst cemetery sexton, assisted in the findings.

Before work began it was known by cemetery markers, that eight graves would be found. But a baby’s burial uncovered Monday, had not been accounted for before. There are still two bodies that were known, that of Lucia Smith and her mother Nancy Smith, consort of Chileab Smith, both buried in 1824.

The first remains to be uncovered were those of Rhoda Crandal, wife of Ezekial Crandal, who died in 1818 at the age of 37. The next was the finding of a part of a baby’s casket, the two metal handles adorned with lamb carvings, which were found next to Rhoda’s grave. The remains of Eliza Crandal were next to be unearthed. She died in 1838 at the age of 37.

The remains of Cornelius S. Ferris, who died March 28, 1833 at the age of 36 were found.

"In most cases of the early burials, only the remaining bones were arm and leg bones, and part of jaw bones and skulls," Garland said.

The remains of Jane Carter who died Nov. 10, 1828 at the age of 30 were also found.

Garland explained that each burial will be taken to the funeral home in plastic burial pouches and placed in hermetically sealed steel caskets. They will remain at the funeral home until all disinterments have been completed, then the remains will be re-interred in the Kendeigh Corners cemetery.

The Crandal cemetery was turned over to Amherst Township a number of years ago.

The state highway department has allowed 17 days for relocation but Garland expects to complete the work this week.

You can see the Crandall property in this 1874 Amherst Township map.

Click here to read the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram’s two articles on the moving of the Crandall family cemetery in April 1959, which are posted on the Genealogy Trails website.

UPDATE (December 5, 2016)
Since I posted the April 7, 1959 article this morning, I belatedly located an article (below) that was meant to be included in this series. It ran in the Lorain Journal on February 9, 1959 and includes a few facts not found in the later article.

Cemetery’s Death Ordered
With Widening Of Rt. 58

Mrs. O. C. Kay Looks At Tombstone
In Whiskeyville Cemetery
WHISKEYVILLE – The death of a cemetery has been ordered but the heirs cannot be found.

The State Highway Department has condemned the 141-year-old, 36-by-40-foot Whiskeyville Cemetery, in which at least eight people are buried, to make way for the widening of State Rt. 58. The plot lies just north of Rt. 113 beside Rt. 58.

A Highway Department representative told Amherst Township Trustees Saturday that the state will appropriate the land from the heirs – if any can be found – and that advertisements for bids on the project is scheduled for March 31.

The names of seven persons buried in the plot have been determined but the attempt to contact heirs so far has been unsuccessful. Title to the plot is uncertain.

The trustees passed a resolution to publish a notice of discontinuance of the cemetery in the daily papers within 30 days, which is the time state law allows for heirs to come forward and lay claim to reburial privileges.

In the event that no claims are made by heirs, the trustees will make arrangements for disinterment and reburial of the cemetery’s corpses. In this event, the highway department will reimburse the township trustees for all costs involved, the representative said.

Trustees indicated that the reburial would be made in the Kendeigh’s Corners Cemetery.

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