Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mr. G’s Food Mart Article – December 17, 1965

I had never heard of Mr. G’s Food Mart until I saw the article below, which ran in the Journal on December 17, 1965. The convenience store was located at 3750 S. Broadway.

I suppose the store was conceived as a competitor to Lawson’s or 7-Eleven, being open seven days a week until 11:00 pm.

What’s interesting is that although the article doesn’t say it, Mr. G was well-known local grocer Meyer Goldberg. I guess it makes sense, since the first store in his grocery store chain was located right next door at 3810 South Broadway.

Mr. G's Food Mart appears to have been in business from 1965 until around 1972, when it disappeared from that year's Lorain City Directory.

The Lorain County Auditor website listing for 3750 Broadway included a photo (below) of the former Mr. G. building.

I drove over to the store’s location over the weekend so that I could get a fresh “now” photograph of the building.

As usual, I was a little late. All I found was another empty lot!

Courtesy Google Maps

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