Monday, December 19, 2016

Lorain Creamery Ad – December 15, 1964

When I was a kid, our family was really into dessert. (I still am.) Every meal ended with some kind of dessert, whether it was something Mom baked, some ice cream, or maybe just a few (ugh) Fig Newtons.
Mom’s incredible assortment of Christmas cookies took over dessert for the last few weeks of December every year, but somehow my parents found time to sneak in some seasonal, store-bought goodies too on the weekend. That included the Ice Cream Christmas Trees mentioned in the above ad for Lorain Creamery, which appeared in the Journal on December 15, 1964.

A lot of different companies manufactured their own version of these treats around the holidays, and still do. Here is the current Kemps version, which sadly is made of lowfat ice cream.

Judging by the comment on this nostalgic website, ice cream Christmas trees are well-remembered all over the country, and still mighty popular.
By the way, I noticed that there’s a new business in the old Creamery building, replacing the used appliance company.
As usual, I wish them well.

UPDATE (Dec. 23, 2016)
Here's the package to watch for in your grocer's freezer if you live in Northern Ohio.


Nance said...

Oh, my. What wonderful memories. Whenever we put up our Christmas tree, my mother made sure we had a special ice cream treat for a dessert afterward. The year she gave us each a snowball with a red candle (lit!) in each one was truly special indeed.

Thank you for this blog. I came here after reading the feature article in the newspaper, and I will be back.

Dan Brady said...

Thanks, Nance! Glad you found the blog! Be sure to poke around in the archives, there’s only 8 years’ worth to peruse! I've actually had a few people tell me they went back and read it all the way from the beginning over the course of a long weekend (although I don’t recommend it!)

Anonymous said...

I just saw the Frosty Trees at Giant Eagle tonight, but they were "Dean's" and not "Kemp's."

Dan Brady said...

Thanks for pointing out that Dean’s, our local dairy producer makes them. (I had trouble finding a photo of any brand when I put together this post.) I may be forced to buy a pack to do a little investigative taste-testing.