Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lorain County Speedway Vintage Ads

Here are a few vintage ads for Lorain County Speedway. The above ad ran in the July 3, 1958 Lorain Journal.

The ad below is from the May 14, 1964 Lorain Journal – 51 years ago this month.
According to various online sources, the auto racing track opened in 1949 as a 1/3 of a mile dirt oval, and was paved between the 1960 and 1961 racing seasons.

The Morning Journal has a nice article online by Jon Wysochanski (here) that provides a history of Lorain County Speedway, as well as Summit Motorsports in Norwalk. The article includes interviews with the people currently involved with the operation of both area tracks.

Here's an aerial view of Lorain County Speedway, courtesy of Bing Maps.

Be sure to visit the Lorain County Speedway website to learn about upcoming promotional events.

I haven't been out to the Speedway since the 1980s; maybe it's time for a visit!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the story Dan! My husband grew up in front of it on 113. It was his second job after paper boy. Rae

Wireless.Phil said...

My first race, I fell asleep.