Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cleveland's Travelodge – Then & Now

I've blogged about the long-gone Elyria Travelodge on Route 57 (here), as well as Sleepy Bear, the Travelodge teddy bear mascot (here). So I'm a big fan of the motel chain, and have stayed at many of its outlets in the U. S. and Canada over the years.
I was surprised to discover that the chain once had a motel on W. 25th Street in Cleveland, just south of Detroit Road near Franklin. It's hard to imagine one there, since that area is not particularly tourist-friendly today. I guess in the 1950s it was a different story.

Anyway, here's a vintage Plain Dealer ad from August 26, 1958 announcing its opening.

And here's its matching matchbook.
Today the former motel is home to Cleveland's Transitional Housing, Inc. It provides homeless women with a safe environment, as well as programs and services that promote independence and self-sufficiency.
Here's my "now" shot of the converted Travelodge today (below). It looks pretty nice, and is a welcome change from how many old motel buildings look once they drop their affiliation with a major chain.
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Wireless.Phil said...

That's that creepy sleepwalking bear. If you're not good, he'll get you in the night.
I used to think that as a child.