Monday, March 23, 2015

Easter Bunny Arrives at O'Neil's – Twice – 1955

Over the years, I've done a few posts highlighting the arrival of Santa Claus at O'Neil Sheffield Shopping Center by helicopter – but I had no idea that the Easter Bunny used the same extravagant mode of transportation.

But here are the ads that tell the rabbit's tale, which ran in the pages of the Lorain Journal at Easter time 1955.

The first ad was full-page and ran on March 23, 1955 – 60 years ago today. It announced that the big event would take place on March 26, 1955. The ad has a nice roster of the current stores at that time.
Strangely enough, a second ad appeared a little more than a week later, announcing the same thing. Perhaps the weather was bad for the first go-around.
I wasn't born yet in 1955, so I have no memory of these events. In fact, I don't remember ever going to see a department store Easter Bunny. What could you ask him to bring you besides candy and hard-boiled eggs, anyways?

The whole "Easter Bunny's Arrival" gimmick must not have clicked with kids, as I don't remember seeing another ad like this. The idea of this holiday hare probably works best (and is most believable to kids) as an unseen force of good. 


Anonymous said... Hoppy Easter Dan

Dan Brady said...

Those are hilarious! I never thought the Easter Bunny could be so terrifying!

Anonymous said...

Dan, I'm thinking there may have been sparse attendance as these two weeks were the Car Show and grand opening of the Lorain Arena. - Bill Latrany