Friday, October 11, 2013

October 10, 1957 - J.F. Medder's Service Ad

Here's yet another Grand Opening ad for a service station, namely J. F. Medder's Service, which was located on the southwest corner of East Lake Road and Abbe Road.

The ad ran in the Lorain Journal on October 10, 1957 – 56 years ago today. Not surprisingly, the ubiquitous Anchor-Hocking glasses were the free gift.

By 1960, the station became Hal's Sinclair Service. Later it became Abbe Road Arco Service.

Longtime Sheffield Lake residents recognize the station as later becoming the home of Fraam's Restaurant after much remodeling.

Here's the former Sinclair station today (below).

And here's an aerial view (below).
Looking south, with East Lake Road in the foreground
The empty lot on Abbe directly across from the former service station is where the Dairy Queen (and later, Dutch Treat) was located.

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