Friday, October 4, 2013

Vermilion Police Station Becomes Ticket Booth – 1954

It's Friday, and that means high school football.

Which makes it appropriate for me to post this small item (above). It ran in the Lorain Journal on July 21, 1954 and shows Vermilion's old police station being towed away to the school football field to be used as a ticket booth. (Click on it for a readable version.)

Is it still being used as a ticket booth? I don't know. I've done a little research online and I'm afraid there's no definitive answer.

There's a little shack that could be it (circled below) in this aerial photo of the Vermilion Sailors athletic complex (courtesy of Bing Maps).

Here's a closer look at the shack from this past weekend (below).

It seems about the right size. If it is the same building, then it's been modified a little bit, with an overhang added over the windows and a new roofline as a result.

Are there any Vermilion High School alumni out there who know for sure?


Anonymous said...

In 1954 the football field was located behind the High School on Decatur St. I believe that the current field was opened in Sept of 1972. Im not sure if the old police station was moved again.

Dan Brady said...

Wow--thanks for that information--I appreciate it! I had no idea that the football field was located somewhere else in the old days! Guess I should have done some research!

Anonymous said...

There is a small building that still stands to this day behind the now-closed Decatur St and South St schools. Based in it's location leading to the old football field it looks like it was used as a ticket booth.