Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1, 1949 – Steel Strike

Here's an eye-grabbing front page back from the era when newspapers reserved their largest headlines for really BIG news.

And this was big news – the announcement that the nation's steel strike was going into effect, with the result that 12,000 steelworkers were idled at the Lorain works of National Tube Co.

The story is from the October 1, 1949 Lorain Journal – 64 years ago today. (Click on it for a readable version.)

Although many members of my family worked at the mill over the years, none of them were working there at the time of the strike. I'm sure it was quite stressful for those working there, as well as their families.
If you have any family stories about the strike or memories of it, be sure to post them!

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