Thursday, October 17, 2013

Burger Chef Grand Opening Ad – October 17, 1968

Although I've mentioned Lorain's long-gone Burger Chef on this blog many times (here, here and here), I've never had an actual date that the restaurant opened – until now.

The ad above ran in the Lorain Journal on Thursday, October 17, 1968 – 45 years ago today – and announced the restaurant's Grand Opening that weekend.

It's interesting that the restaurant's signature sandwich – the Big Shef – was spelled with a "S" instead of a "C." I wonder why?

The ad is also amusing how the photos of the hamburgers are lined up like so many yawning clams.

Anyway, although my friend Debi worked there in the summer after high school, I don't remember too much about Burger Chef except their TV cartoon spokespersons at the time, Burger Chef and Jeff!

And for the very best tribute website dedicated to Burger Chef – a website that recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary – click here.


Anonymous said...

That tune on the Burger Chef website can drive you nuts real fast.

Dan Brady said...

I'm just glad I got it outta my head before I went to sleep!

Be sure to check out the Burger Chef & Jeff page to listen to their commercial. See if you recognize the voice of "Burger Chef!"

-Alan D Hopewell said...

As I've mentioned before, my friends and I hung out there from 1975 to 1985, grinking gallons of cheap(.10) coffee.

BTW, Dan, was your friend's last name Belevich? There was a Debi Belevich who worked there then.

Dan Brady said...

Hi Alan,

Different Debi!

10 cent coffee? Wish there was still a place like that now, I'd hang out there myself!

Bill said...

So the now-empty KFC on 254 west of 57 used to be a Burger Chef too?

And where is/was Lodi Street in Elyria? Google Maps doesn't know...

Dan Brady said...

The "Lodi Street " Burger Chef in Elyria was located where Lake Avenue meets West Avenue at Parkview Court. The painted over bottom portion of the sign is still there, as well as the remodeled building.