Monday, September 30, 2013

Masson's Walls Come Tumbling Down

Looking north from W. 40th Street
I drove by the former Masson School on Saturday to see how the demolition was coming along. (I still don't recall seeing the demolition mentioned in the Morning Journal yet, although the Chronicle-Telegram ran a photo a few weeks ago.)

The demolition started with the Junior High portion fronting on W. 38th Street, and moved west almost in a horseshoe pattern. As you can see, that entire section is gone (below).
Looking northeast from W. 40th Street; the homes off in the distance are on W. 38th Street
Now the only section still standing on Saturday was part of the original elementary section on W. 40th Street. They did start tearing down the eastern end of the building (below).

Looking north from W. 40th Street
I guess it's only fitting that they left the part with the Masson name on it for last (below).

Ah, and for the last time, here's what it looked like in happier times – when it first opened in 1959 (below).