Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sept. 1950 – Lorain Telephone Demolishes Home

Ever once in a while I poke around the microfilm collection of The Lorain Sunday News at the Lorain Public Library just looking for anything interesting. That's because the quality of the microfilm is usually several notches above what was usually available during the same period from The Lorain Journal – meaning that I can often just post a clean image of an article rather than re-keystroking it – which is fine with me. (I'm a terrible typist.)

The article below from the September 17, 1950 Lorain Sunday News fits into that category. It's about Lorain Telephone Co. demolishing an old home on Ninth Street to make room for its new headquarters. (Click on it for a readable version.)

It's interesting that apparently Lorain Telephone was ahead of its time regarding dial service, as well as its ship-to-shore telephone service.

Besides being an appropriate blog topic since Lorain is currently demolish-happy, the article reminded me that many of the side streets in Downtown Lorain just off Broadway had homes on them in the first block before the commercial properties went up. Indeed, if you drive down a few of those side streets today, surprisingly there are still a few homes that time forgot mixed in there with the businesses.


Anonymous said...

Shades of Oberlin College over the years.....

Wireless.Phil said...

Should read that Lorain telephone announcement closely.
1917 car phones, yes, but they were radio telephones (like today's), but back then there were very limmited channels and the cost was only for companies and rich people. I used one a few time while working for the old MCI, Mid Continent telephone AKA Elyria telephone back in the 70s, it was in one of our maintenance cars back then, hay, no one told me not to use it.