Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Ad – September 1954

In honor of Labor Day, here's the full-page ad that the Lorain Journal ran on that same holiday on Sept. 6, 1954. It has some nice graphics and copy touting America's industrial strength and high standard of living thanks to the productivity of American labor.

The 1954 sponsor list is interesting, as it usually is on these vintage ads. While most of the companies are gone in 2013, there are several that are still around, including Amherst Memorial Studio, Burge Building Company, Walter A. Frey Funeral Home and the Lorain Journal (now the Morning Journal out of Willoughby).

The illustrations in the ad really symbolized what Lorain was all about back then.

But while Lorain will never be an industrial giant again, here's hoping for continued growth in the number of family businesses. It takes a lot of guts to launch one, and every one of them needs the support of the community to survive in today's tough economic times.

Have a great Labor Day!

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