Thursday, April 25, 2013

Original Brookside High School Then & Now

It was great to read about the ceremonial groundbreaking last month (here) for the new Brookside High and Sheffield Middle School building on Harris Road. It will be the third Brookside High School (the spouse graduated from the second one).

Since the original Brookside High School (currently serving as Sheffield Middle School) will eventually be raised, it's not a bad time for it to get the 'then and now' treatment. Above is a photo that appeared in the 1966 Brookside High School The Leader yearbook, showing the original building that soon would be replaced with the second one.

Here's the matching shot from last fall (below).

By George, those shrubs are huge!

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Anonymous said...

Just spent 1 hr lookin for pic of the old Brookside. I lost my yearbook some time ago. I graduated June 66! Talk about nostalgia. It was a great time to be alive. Thank You for your post.