Thursday, December 31, 2020

New Year’s Eve – 1950

Here’s one more vintage safety ad from the pages of the Lorain Journal to get you ready for tonight. This one is from the December 30, 1950 issue of the paper – 70 years ago.

Although this full page ad doesn’t feature the Grim Reaper (like so many of the other New Year’s Eve ads I’ve posted over the years), some people might find a policeman (and the possibility of a traffic ticket costing a few hundred dollars at least) even scarier.

As usual, the roll call of sponsor companies is always fun to look at. Lots of auto dealers, repair garages and service stations in Lorain back in those days! 

At least the Muzik Bros. company is still around and thriving!

Anyway, the ad has a great tagline: Safety is here to stay... are you?

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