Thursday, November 9, 2017

Carl Johnson’s Restaurant Ad – Nov. 2, 1957

Directly across from the Lorain Drive-in movie theater in the late 1950s was Carl R. Johnson’s Restaurant. The restaurant fronted Lake Road, with a trailer court behind it.

I first wrote about it back here.

The ad above promoting chicken dinners ran in the Lorain Journal on November 2, 1957 – 60 years ago last week. It depicts a rather serene Sunday scene, with dear old Dad reading the Sunday paper with Junior in his lap, while Mom sits adoringly at his feet. Sister indifferently peruses the funny papers.

By the time of the 1957 ad, the restaurant was being managed by Florence and Ben Millen. The business would soon have a new name: Lakeshore Drive Inn.

In recent years, the restaurant had been the home of Jack and Diane’s Lounge.

There's no more chicken dinners being served up at 5100 West Erie Avenue these days; today, the address belongs to Healing Wings International Ministries.

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Mark said...

My mom and dad lived in that trailer park when they first migrated to Lorain County from Tennessee in the late 1950's (as part of the "Ford Migration"). I bet they ate their quite a bit. Thanks for the memory.