Monday, November 20, 2017

Bazely Cash Market Thanksgiving Ad – Nov. 19, 1956

I don't believe I've ever featured an ad for Bazley Cash Market before on the blog, despite a suggestion by a reader to do just that several years ago.

The above Thanksgiving-themed ad appeared in the Lorain Journal on November 19, 1956.

I got a kick out of the apron-wearing turkey clerk, eagerly taking phone orders for (shudder) his own kind for a Thanksgiving repast.

Until I prepared this post, I had thought that Bazley Cash Market was a standalone Lorain store. It turns out that it was in fact a regional chain of meat markets, with outlets in several states, including Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana and Ohio.

Here’s an ad dating all the way back to 1916. It appeared in the Owosso, Michigan Daily Argus on September 23, 1916.

According to an ad in the June 21, 1955 Lorain Journal, "Bazley Markets came to Lorain in 1919 – a branch store of Bazely's Junedale Markets with 50 stores in 6 states.

"The main offices are located in Chicago, the nation's center for stockyards."

Bazley Cash Market  first showed up in the Lorain City Directories in the 1926 edition, located at 622 Broadway. The store moved to 630 Broadway in the early 1930s.

By the late 1930s, Bazley Cash Market had arrived at its longtime home at 704 Broadway.

The store disappeared from the Lorain City Directory in the 1967 edition.

Do a lot of people still make egg nog part of their Thanksgiving?

That’s a good question. Apparently in the 1950s, egg nog was popular enough to warrant some advertising, such as the ad below for Page’s Holiday Egg Nog that appeared in the Lorain Journal on the same day as the Bazley ad.
Mom always made egg nog part of our Thanksgiving while I was growing up. We had a little glass of it in the afternoon before the big feast. She would sprinkle a little ground nutmeg on each glass (and add a shot of rum to hers and Dad’s).


Anonymous said...

Dont remember Bazelys. Think if was around til 67 that my Mom would have mentioned. we used Baker/Levitt meat market I think it was on Long at the time. I do remember my Mom stirring, stirring over a sauce pan with egg nog. Happy Thanksgiving Dan, Family, Alan Hopewell, and all who read Dans' post. Rae

Dan Brady said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too, Rae!