Thursday, August 10, 2017

"Wild Man" on the Loose in Kipton – August 1932

During the early 1930s, the Great Depression was underway – and many unfortunate citizens found themselves homeless in those terrible economic times.

That may or may not have been the contributing factor behind the above story of a "wild man" living in the woods near Kipton that appeared on the front page of the Lorain Journal on August 6, 1932.

It's kind of a sad story. The poor guy wasn't really bothering anybody. Plus, he was more of a hermit than a true “wild man” (the kind that you might see in a circus sideshow in the old days) or the medieval version (seen at right).

But the Sheriff and his deputies were after him just the same, and it livened up the front page of the Journal – 85 years ago this month.


UPDATE (August 11, 2017)
So what happened with the Sheriff and his posse? Did they throw a dragnet around the "wild man"? Rick Kurish has the answer.

As Rick noted, "Perhaps you already have this info, but since your blog today left a “wild man” loose in Lorain County, I decided to find the “rest of the story.”

"The story ended two days later, and was detailed in the C-T of August 8, 1932."

Here is the article (below). Note how there ended up being another wild man as well!

"Seems like a poor guy just down on his luck — like many others during the depression," wrote Rick. "I hope his story had a happy ending."

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lsrx101 said...

The article ends by saying that they were unsure what to do with the man, I wonder what became of him.
A bit of a cliffhanger, for sure.