Friday, August 4, 2017

Rick K. Remembers: the Ohio Turnpike – Part 3

This final segment of Rick Kurish’s look back at the Ohio Turnpike includes a topic of interest to me: the moving of a house to a new location.

(I’ve featured several vintage newspaper photos of houses being moved here on the blog, although I have yet to find one showing the Neuman farmhouse being relocated.)

Anyway, as Rick explained in his email, "I know you are something of a fan regarding moving houses, so I thought you might appreciate this move caused by the Ohio Turnpike crossing Gulf Road.

"The house was moved 500 feet south of its original site and the address went from 826 Gulf Road to 370 Gulf Road. The move was documented in the Chronicle-Telegram of July 9, 1953.”

Here is the C-T photo with its caption.

"I wonder if the house is still there?” mused Rick. "Most likely it is.”

It sure is. Here’s how it looks today – none the worse for its short trip – courtesy of the Lorain County Auditor’s website.

I wonder if the current owners of the house at 370 Gulf Road know the house’s history?

Special thanks to Rick Kurish for sharing his reminisces and research.

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