Friday, August 25, 2017

The Passing Scene – August 19, 1967

Well, the Lorain County Fair runs through Sunday, so here's a final tribute. And since I started the week with a Gene Patrick cartoon, I might as well finish the week with one too!

The "Passing Scene" comic strip above, with the last panel devoted to the Lorain County Fair, ran in the Lorain Journal on August 19, 1967. Other news items mentioned in the strip include a Wellington reunion of descendants of Archibald Willard, painter of the famous Spirit of '76.

Anyway, to wrap up my fair coverage, here's a final piece of 1967 Lorain County Fair advertising art that was featured in the Journal.

Next week on the blog, things will go back to normal. I'll be heading out to Vacationland for a couple of days devoted to a few Sandusky topics. Summer is winding down, after all, and I'm running out of time for some of these posts!

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"It's a family fair"