Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Toledo Road Church of Christ – Then & Now

I saw this vintage postcard for the Toledo Road Church of Christ recently on Ebay and thought it’d make a good addition to my "Then & Now” Lorain church series.

The church is located at 5075 Toledo Road. (I use Toledo Road as a shortcut when I take my cat to his veterinarian’s office. It’s a nice little road tucked away in a part of Lorain that I rarely visit, with tidy homes and interesting sights like the church, which is very close to the road.)

I really like the look of the church, which the postcard says was built in 1964. Its design has a sort of Frank Lloyd Wright vibe to it, with its strong horizontal lines.

According to available city directories, the church dates back to the late 1950s in Lorain, with Rev. Kenneth D. Maynard listed as the pastor in 1959. The present church building appears to have replaced a smaller structure, from what I can determine after looking at the Historic Aerials website. The back of the vintage postcard says the church seats 500 in its auditorium and has 13 classrooms.

Today, the now steeple-less church looks much the same, despite some architectural modifications.

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