Friday, June 30, 2017

Sugardale Ad Featuring Hamlet – June 30, 1965

Well, it’s June 30 – the end of the month and a few days before the big July 4th holiday. And 52 years ago today, the ad above ran in the Lorain Journal, reminding you to stock up on Sugardale Coneys for the obligatory holiday cookout.

The ad features our old pal Hamlet, greedily pushing a grocery cart stuffed with coneys made from (shudder) his own kind. It looks like the advertising mascot has fully embraced man’s ways, not only adopting his meaty diet but his attire as well (although his shoes look rather elfin).

Quite a difference from the younger, naked piglet (below) seen in the 1956 ad I posted back here.
I’ve always been a sucker for advertising, so it won’t be too surprising if I toss a package of Sugardale hot dogs in my grocery cart this weekend because of this post. 

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, there is something disturbing about an animal inviting you to eat him.....