Thursday, March 9, 2017

Quonset Huts in Lorain

I have no idea if any of the quonset huts that were part of Kew Gardens are still in Lorain. But I have a hunch that there still might be a few around town.

For instance, there are two sitting right next to each other at 4465 Oberlin Avenue (shown above). The Lorain County Auditor website says they were built in 1948. One seems to function as a home, the other as a garage – it's kind of hard to tell. They seem to have been chopped down a little.

I first found the 4465 Oberlin Avenue address in the 1957 city directory – a year after Kew Gardens was dissolved and its quonset huts dispersed far and wide.

Here's an aerial view of how they are situated.

And here are a few more views of them.

Another quonset hut that was just brought to my attention yesterday by longtime blog reader and contributor Jeremy Reynolds is located at 1745 E. 28th Street.

The building's proportion seems right, and its 25' x 48' dimensions matches the huts listed for sale in the Kew Gardens sales ad.

I don’t know, but in this age of “tiny houses,” I wonder if quonset huts will make a comeback?


Arnold Johnson said...

I love Quonset Huts. I drive past these in Lorain all the time. They seem to be in good shape outside.

Anonymous said...

Great story Dan, thanks for posting! I never knew about Kew Gardens on the East Side, it was before my time. But I have driven by the Oberlin Ave quonset huts and never knew the history.

Jackson, MI