Thursday, March 2, 2017

Bradymobile at Thomas Edison’s Birthplace – 1962

Remember last week when I mentioned that my family had visited Thomas Edison’s Birthplace in Milan at least once?

Well, here’s the photographic proof: a 1962 photo of my parent’s 1958 Plymouth Savoy parked right in front of the house! Dad found a good parking space that day.

Here’s a closer look without the photobombing Beetle driver.

Seeing the photo of that car brings back a lot of memories. It was red, and not easy to forget with those huge fins.
Here’s another photo (below) of the Savoy from about the same time, along with my brothers and me. (I’m on the left.) Note the trailer in the back, as we were tent camping in those days.
Around 1964 or so, my parents got rid of the Savoy and bought a new Oldsmobile F-85. From then on, we were a loyal Oldsmobile family.
But I still link that 1958 Plymouth Savoy to some of my earliest and happiest memories of childhood.


Anonymous said...

What great memories! Love, love, love that Savoy! Rae

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures!

Dennis Thompson said...

Fins! What is the stone house in the last photo?

Dan Brady said...

It was Piatt Castles in West Liberty, Ohio.

Once again, Dad parked right in front of it!