Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Luncheonette at 611 Broadway

Here’s a place that I’d never heard of before: Eddie’s Luncheonette. The ad celebrating its reopening ran in the pages of the Lorain Journal on February 2, 1952.

Its address was 611 Broadway, making it part of the Palace Theater complex.
Eddie’s Luncheonette had a classic diner business model, offering breakfast and lunch to people on the go, especially business people. The ad lists all sorts of mouth-watering goodies that were available.
We’ve actually met Eddie – Edward Easton – before on this blog. During the late 1940s, he was running Eddie’s Blue Castle on Broadway in the 600 block. By 1950, he had moved his business down Broadway a block to its location next to the Palace.
By 1955, however, Eddie had become an insurance agent. Thus the business became Alexander’s Luncheonette, operated by Alexander and Lucille Hladik. They ran it for a couple of years before turning it over to the owners who would have it the longest: Mary Lesiuk and her husband Omelan.
Mary’s Luncheonette first appeared in the directory in 1958. The restaurant would have an incredible run at the 611 Broadway location until around 1977. 
As of the 1978 edition of the city directory, Critic’s Choice, run by Leonard DeLuca would take over the location.
Unfortunately, you can’t get a steakburg and fries at 611 Broadway today. It is the Lorain Branch Title Office of the Lorain County Clerk of Courts, where you can get a ‘fast and easy’ passport or auto title.
I think Lorain could use the luncheonette more.


Anonymous said...

Mary's was the place to go in high school in the 70's. Lorain High at that time had different starting times. Some started at 8a and others at 9a with home room and attendance in between. Some skipped first period to go to Marys'. I would go and have a Pepsi and as many donuts I could afford that day and then attend school. Bet I was a handful on all that sugar. My first and last cigarette was on my way back to school w/ classmates from Mary's. I say first and last see the aforementioned donuts and Pepsi breakfast. Rae

Dan Brady said...

Hi Rae! You can recreate that healthy and nutritious breakfast today with some Pepsi Made With Real Sugar – my favorite!