Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Meet Willis Leiter Part 2

The back cover to "Leiter's Souvenir of Lorain, O."
showing the 657 Broadway studio location
By 1909, Leiter had relocated his prosperous business across the street to 657 Broadway. (This location later became the home of Michael’s studio and currently houses Faroh’s Candy.)

From the new location, he published a pamphlet titled Leiter’s Souvenir of Lorain, O. The pamphlet contained photographs of many local area businesses and industry, plus a listing of the demographics of Lorain at that time. 

Leiter remained at this location until 1914, when he moved his business once again. His final move was across the street to 704 Broadway.

Due to its success, the Leiter Studio Company was finally incorporated in September of 1915. Claremont Doane, who was elected secretary and treasurer of the newly incorporated firm, was the uncle of Albert Doane, one of the authors of Lorain: The Real Postcards of Willis Leiter.

From Lorain Daily News, Sept. 16, 1915
Around 1917, Willis Leiter left Lorain after 16 successful years in business in the community. He later made a career change – becoming a licensed chiropractor (along with his son Warren) and opening an office in Elyria in 1922.

According to the Ohio Obituary Index, Leiter passed away in January 1942 in California at the age of 77, and is buried in Clyde, Ohio.

Fortunately, an amazing photographic account of Lorain’s early history survives to this day – all as seen through the lens of Willis Leiter.

The Leiter Studio's 657 Broadway location today

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