Thursday, January 27, 2011

Abandoned Eagle Market in Cleveland

This really isn't a Lorain County story but it brings the whole Eagle Super Market discussion to a nice close.

I've seen this abandoned grocery store many times over the years when I found myself on the east side of Cleveland near the Playhouse. Much to my surprise, it's an abandoned Eagle grocery store.

A gentleman who goes by the monicker el rebelski has a fascinating flickr® photo set documenting his trip to this store. I'm not sure if this store was part of the chain that was out in Lorain County (the type in both logos seem similar – compare with the logo at left) but it's interesting nevertheless!

The photoset is both interesting and disturbing. (The photo above is one of the shots.)

One thing's for sure – no one is going to mistake this store for a Giant Eagle!

Click here to visit the flickr® site.


Julie Norris said...

HI! I typed "Lorain county restaurants" in Google because I was trying to figure out where to go tonight and your blog came up in the 3rd result! Interesting....

I still need to find a time to come in for lunch!
Julie N.

Dan Brady said...

Hiya Julie!

I could always stop at this Eagle Super Market and pick up some groceries (well, a bottle of Fresca at least) and we can all eat in!

-Alan D Hopewell said...

When I lived on E. 81st Street in Cleveland, (1991-95), I used to shop at that Eagle Market.

Funny story....I'm in there one afternoon, and this fella walks past me, looks just like Hal Holbrook. Of course, I'm thinkin', "That guy looks just like Hal Holbrook!"
An'hoo, I get home, start my dinner, and turn on my tv-Channel 5 is having "Live On 5", and the guest is-HAL HOLBROOK!- who's in town doing "MARK TWAIN TONIGHT". Fred Griffith asks him what he does to while away the time between performances, and Mr. Holbrook replies that he loves to go out shopping around where he's staying, because most people just assumed (wait for it) that he LOOKED like Hal Holbrook!

Dan Brady said...

Great story, Alan! Maybe Holbrook was bringing Fred something tasty from the Garden Fresh™ produce department.

I've love to know why this store closed.