Tuesday, February 5, 2019

House Move – Feb. 5, 1964

The idea of jacking up a house and moving it to a new location has fascinated me for a long time. Consequently, I've featured quite a few stories with that theme on this blog over the years.

These posts included this one that was moved to make way for the Ohio Turnpike (1953), this one in Elyria (1956), this one in Amherst (1960), this one in Oberlin (1960), this one in Lorain (1960), and this house in Avon (1964).

Well, here's another one for the collection. Its photo and accompanying caption ran on the front page of the Lorain Journal on Feb. 5, 1964.

Of course, the fun is trying to find the house in its new location to grab a picture. (Or, if you're a particularly lazy blogger, you just 'drive' over there via Google Maps.)

In this case, although the new location – Long Avenue between 10th and 11th Streets – was spelled out pretty clearly, it still wasn't easy finding it using the 'street view' function. I had to 'fly by' several times and examine the aerial views from different vantage points before I finally made a positive I.D.

And the house is still there at 1044 Long Avenue.

I wonder if the current owners know of their home's wanderlust?


-Alan D Hopewell said...

I remember seeing it being moved; blew my mind.

Anonymous said...

Long Ave is pretty seedy now.I doubt if the current owners have any idea of the houses history,or really care.That area is pretty much drug central in Lorain.It's probably a rental owned by someone who doesn't even live in Lorain.I can't see somebody moving a house to that part of town now.If anything all of the decent people have already moved out of there and into better neighborhoods.So sad.

Anonymous said...

I did a Google search.And 1775 Livingston Ave is where the Kennedy Plaza mini apartments are currently at now.So the guy probably got a good deal on the house or maybe even got it for free.Then he had it relocated to Long Ave.Either way,the guy's probably dead by now and history is all lost on the house being moved besides seeing this article.The Kennedy Plaza and the Long Ave areas are both pretty bad drug and prostitution areas now.Another piece of Lorain history consumed by drugs.