Thursday, April 10, 2014

Elyria House Move – February 1956

Here's yet another house moving news item. This one is from the Feb. 23, 1956 Chronicle-Telegram and shows a house being moved in Elyria along Cleveland Street to its new location on Eady Ct. It was moved to make room for – what else? – a gas station.

I've never seen a house being moved, but it'd be pretty interesting to see, especially if you were a little kid. I can understand why so many of these things made the papers.

In case you're wondering, that's the Hazel's Restaurant sign at the left hand sign of the house moving photo. (At left is a photo of the restaurant from an old Elyria city directory.)

Anyway, I had high hopes that I'd be able to find the house in its new location on Eady Court. Although I didn't drive to Elyria to try and get a positive I.D., I spent a lot of time looking at Bing maps aerials and Eady Court properties on the Lorain County Auditor website.

What did I come up with? Nuthin'!

Looking at overhead shots of the area on the Historic Aerials website, it looks like Eady Ct. had very few houses in 1952 and 1962. But by 1970, commercial businesses had begun to move in, and today, many of the houses shown in the '52 and '62 aerials are gone. I'm guessing that this house is one of them.

It would be a shame if it had been moved to Eady Ct. and then torn down anyway.

I could be wrong, and the house is still there. But if the house is indeed no longer on Eady Ct., here's hoping that it was packed up and trundled off to another location.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there ...I have been trying to find out where our house was moved from ...we live at300 Edward ave ,elyria Ohio it was moved to this location from what I heard was Oberlin rd. may not be correct...I also heard it was moved here in the 1980's may also be was built in 1900...would love to know the history...just in case my e-mail is info you may find or suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks becca