Friday, June 8, 2018

The Hoop on West Erie – Then & Now

Photo courtesy of Richard C. Head
To close out my weeklong look back at the restaurants owned and managed by Richard W. Head, I thought I’d give the only former Hoop Drive-in still standing the “Then & Now” treatment. It’s located down at the southwest corner of West Erie Avenue and Leavitt Road.

Above you see it in its heyday. The distinctive angled roof really gave it a modern appearance.

I remember the restaurant from its Manners days. It's where we brought our straight-A report cards to receive a free Big Boy, when that promotion was running in the late 1960s.

As I noted back on this post, Manners abandoned this location in the early 1970s. A variety of restaurants then followed, including Tudy’s Coffee Shop; Bonnie’s Place; Antigoni’s; The Fish Shanty; Pete’s Family Restaurant.

Today the former Hoop Drive-in is still the home of the popular Beachcliff Diner. The parking lot is really jammed on Sunday mornings.

The restaurant should consider removing the faux mansard roof and window inserts. It would really create a nice retro vibe for the place.


Dennis Thompson said...

It's really great of Richard to provide these photos. The only Hoop I went to was the one on West Erie. It was the only drive in I remember where the hot rods hung out, just like the movies. I remember the manager would prowl the lot to see if anyone had snuck across the street and brought McDonalds back to eat. That was a big no-no and got you tossed out!


Wireless.Phil said...

They got mad cause we'd drive throu McD's then again across the street without buying anything.