Friday, April 13, 2018

Chicken Delight Grand Opening Ad – Feb. 11, 1964

Well, it’s Friday at last. And although many of you may be thinking of fish for dinner, I’m thinking of chicken – again.

And here it is – the ad I couldn't find in time for my two-part series on Chicken Delight. It's the Grand Opening ad for George and Nell Robinson’s business, and it ran in the Lorain Journal on Feb. 11, 1964.

In the early months of the store, there wasn’t very much advertising. Only one or two tiny ads ran in-between this one and the one I posted from April 16 of that year.

Anyway, that plate of chicken in the ad looks pretty tasty, even in black and white.

I like the large Chicken Delight logo in the ad, with the great old-timey type, and early version of the chicken mascot.
It’s more fun than the current logo of the company, which is roosting up in the Great White North these days.

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