Thursday, January 11, 2018

Grand Opening of Bob's Donut Shop – Dec. 19, 1963

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 15 years since Bob’s Donuts closed at the end of December 2002. Judging by comments on the various Lorain social media websites, it’s still sorely missed.

Anyway, I found this the other day – the announcement of the grand opening of the new store. It ran in the Journal on December 19, 1963.

It’s interesting that the ad notes that Bob’s had already been serving Lorain County for twelve years.

You might remember that Bob’s was one of the businesses that was displaced when the John F. Kennedy Plaza public housing complex was built.


Anonymous said...

I never knew they had another location other than the one in the ad. DeLuca's was our go-to doughnut shop on 7th & Reid Ave. but once they closed it was Bob's. On Sunday after Church is was straight to Bob's drive thru for a dozen doughnuts and the Plain Dealer, which back then was so thick you needed two hands to hold it. Something I noticed in the ad were the prices. Seems to much for one doughnut and not enough for a dozen.

Dan Brady said...

Great observation about the prices. It could be the dozen price, if you use one of those conversion websites, a buck back in 1963 had the buying power of $7.94 today (which is still less than the price of a dozen donuts at a Mom and Pop place in 2018).

I know around 1975 my friends and I used to ride our bikes to Bob's in the fall, and get a glazed fried cake and a cup of coffee for probably around a dollar or so (if I remember correctly).

-Alan D Hopewell said...

I used to walk up to Bob's from our house at 19th and Elyria on Friday night's, to get a dozen donuts to snack on while watching Ghoulardi.