Friday, March 10, 2017

Winter's Not Over Yet – March 9, 1957

Unusually warm weather a few weeks ago lulled us into the false sense of security that winter was over and an early spring was coming. But the cold spell in store for us this weekend reminds us that winter is not quite over yet.

And winter wasn't done yet sixty years ago yesterday in Lorain, either. The city had just received a two-inch snowfall, with more light flurries expected.

Here's a nice photo of Lakeview Park that ran on the front page of the Journal on Saturday, March 9, 1957 with the weather story. Off in the distance you can see the B&O Coal Dock.
Now that’s the Lakeview Park we Lorain Baby Boomers remember (except for the snow): the skimpy beach, the hand railings and no boardwalk.
This (below) should refresh your memory, and put you in the mood for summer too.

Almost forgot to wish my younger brother Ed (seen in that photo of my family's 1958 Savoy last week) a Happy Birthday! (He's 56, so that makes me an old man I guess.)

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