Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Grand Opening of Robo-Wash – 1966

Since I featured the Grand Opening of Ace Car Wash yesterday, I might as well shine a soapy spotlight on their Colorado Avenue competitor as well: Robo-Wash. (Plus, the ad is timely. Robots have been in the news lately, increasingly seen as a menace to humanity – not only taking jobs away from humans, but possibly enslaving them at some futuristic date.)

The above ad appeared in the Journal on August 5, 1966. It's kind of neat in that it depicts the machinery behind the washing process. Similarly to the Ace Car Wash ad yesterday, it lists various prizes that could be won (all car washes) during the grand opening celebration.

Unlike Ace Car Wash, Robo-Wash apparently sold gasoline as well.

Robo-Wash and Ace Car Wash were really only competitors for a little while, since Ace became the car wash for George May Ford sometime around 1967. Robo-Wash kept right on washing into the mid-70s.

Chalk one up for the robots, I guess.

Don't forget the visit the Agility Nut's website, which features roadside architecture from the 1920s to the 1970s, including three whole pages vintage car wash photos (including one devoted to Robo-Wash and its uniquely shaped buildings).


Anonymous said...

I remember an explosion across the street east from the car wash. A bldg for dispensing propane exploded rocked the east side. Dont remember any other details. Rae

Bill Rees said...

Ace carwash was originally built and owned by Tommie Dulio. Brother of Jimmy Dulio, (and his orchestra), a well known group from Lorain. Tommie Dulio and Eddie Zieba both owned business' Zieba owning the "Golden Dragon", around the same time period. They both had worked with my dad at the ore dock and the coal dock' at its origin in 1947 for many years, until the coal dock dismantle in 1978.I knew these people personally from my dad along with many other workers there.And also went aboard many many lake freighters, including the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Dan Brady said...

Thanks for the comment and reminisces, Bill! I went back and updated the original Ace Wash post after trading emails with Todd Burke, whose father along with Tom Dulio owned the car wash. Todd mentioned Jimmy Dulio and the ore dock too in his correspondence with me!

JIM said...

I was terrified of the Robo Wash. We stopped there one time, when it was cold and then went to Shoreway Center to shop. When we came out the car locks were frozen. Since I was little, I just equated the two and didn't want to ever go there again. A store employee brought us some matches to heat up the key and we were able to get into the car.